Can increase your website conversion rates by more than 50%

Attracta will bring tons of visitors to your website. But how are you going to support your visitors and convert them as your customers?

  • Wait for your visitors to call you?
  • Wait for your visitors to email you?
  • Wait for your visitors to fill up the website’s contact form?
  • Wait for your visitors to use your helpdesk system?

Your website visitors have other options to choose from.

You are not the only website in the search engine result. You are competing with 1000’s of other websites.

Visitors visit your website from different mediums: Desktop, Laptop, Smartphones, Tablets etc.. Visitors are not ready to fill up long forms or call your office and wait for your operator to respond. just to get answers to their simple question. They need INSTANT ANSWERS to their questions

If you don’t give them an instant answer, They will just move on to your competitor. But how can you provide instant answers to all your website visitors?

The only available option is Live Chat Support!

But it will cost a fortune to hire, train & manage your own live chat agents.

This is where 365ChatSupport comes into place. We provide state of the art live chat software with highly trained agents who can monitor your website visitors 24×7 and provide instant answers to all of their questions and convert them as your customers.

We take care of the cost of infrastructure, hiring, training, management, monitoring etc. You will only pay us for the number of Enquiries or Leads we generate for your business.

Attracta users will get 10% additional chats on all plans.

Get started in less than 2 hours.