The story of our startup

Rishi Kesh

Prefix_ideaSuffixWe got a lot of questions regarding the time we took to create our algorithm (2+ years) in our previous blog post. So we decided to post the story of our startup…

It all started on 2011 when i was working for a large corporation as internet marketing manager in Chennai, India. They had a dedicated team of more than 30 agents to handle live chat support on their website. I had to work closely with the live chat team for various reasons.

That’s when i noticed the power of having live chat support in a website. Most of the visitors were instantly converted to customers and the company got a huge return on their internet marketing spends. That’s when i started doing a lot of research on the live chat subject.

After countless hours of research, what i found was that a lot of large corporations were already using live chat support in different parts of their websites but a very few small and medium businesses were using them. Even though the software was available at a very affordable price, many did not use it. Even though some companies were using live chat on their website, Most of the time it was offline or it took way too much time to get a response. This is when i decided to explore more on this subject.

After further research, I found that the reason why small and medium businesses were not using live chat on their website was that it required a dedicated resource and the worst part is, If you are looking to provide 24×7 live chat, You needed a minimum of 5 dedicated resources which most of the companies were not willing to spend that much. That’s when the idea stuck. To provide high quality & low cost live chat as a service to small and medium businesses.

I immediately registered on 03-jan-2012 and built a website it was ready to go. But the results were terrible. Getting customers was a breeze. They all loved the idea and we got 2 customers for demo in just 3 days but the execution took a hit. It was way harder than i thought and we had to spend a lot of resource and it took us a hit financially. That’s when i decided that this requires a lot of homework to be done. We stopped accepting new customers and started getting into R&D.

It took us more than 2 years (2 years and 3 months to be precise) to build the perfect algorithm and workflow to handle our customers. A lot has changed in the 2 years. I even moved to Dubai to find the right place and we completely redesigned our website to the latest trend. We are still learning but we are confident that we can provide excellent service to our customers.

We are now offering a 7 day free trial for our customers to try our service. I request you to try and you’ll never look back.

This is the story of how we started 365ChatSupport.


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